Hair Care

Upon Installation: Try your possible best not cut your wefts, because the hair cuticles are all aligned in a specific direction and by cutting the wefts you are setting the hair cuticles out of line and this can increase tangling. It is also important not to cut your wefts to decrease the amount of shedding, but this is all to your own discretion.

General Hair Maintenance Tips:  Shampoo and Condition your hair twice a week.  If you use heavy products in your hair it would be advisable to shampoo and condition at least every week.  How to wash the hair? Is to sponge wash your hair no need for any vigorous washing to prevent tangling. Apply conditioner and start combing your hair from the bottom up. NEVER comb your hair from top to bottom. The use of a wide tooth comb is very essential. After all washes do not blow dry, let your hair air dry. The minimum amount of heat used on our hair the longer your hair would last.  

BEFORE SLEEPING: Comb your hair with a wide tooth comb from bottom to top. Twist your hair (to your own discretion). Invest in a silk bonnet or silk pillow case and lay your head to rest. This prevents tangling in the morning and keeps hair all aligned. When you wake up in the morning depending on your hair texture INVEST in a spray bottle (this is for my wavy and curly clients) and un-twist or unbraid your hair and spray a little water on it. Comb from bottom up and Enjoy the rest of your day.

These are just the basic hair maintenance for hair. If you like to use Flexi rods, rollers, flat irons, curlers etc  that is to your own discretion, but if you are not really into all of those activities you can stick to the basic routine and you would see your hair after 2 months looking like you just got it done yesterday.  It is just important to maintain your hair so that you would see your money’s worth and you would not need to purchase hair every 2-4 weeks.